VoIP Services

Say goodbye to long-distance charges.

Small to medium-sized companies spend thousands of dollars each year in telephone and cellular bills. But as your work environment expands each day, you need to find effective avenues of reliable communication. Now there’s a way for you to say goodbye to these unwanted monthly costs.


It’s time for a change.

Traditional phone systems are not only outdated and limited in capabilities and features, they are also very costly. In order for your business to stay ahead of your competition, you have to be armed with next-generation communication systems that will ensure higher efficiency rates and better connectivity to your customers.

ParadigmCR offers (Voice over Internet Protocol) VoIP Solutions that will reduce your communication costs and give you a wider set of possibilities. Instead of placing important business calls over regular telephone lines, VoIP converts voice into digital data, allowing you to make calls using the Internet or a packet-switched network, with more features and flexibility in your calls.

What are the benefits of utilizing a VoIP Phone System?

  • Easier to install and configure compared to a traditional phone system
  • Easier and more concise management, thanks to a web based configuration interface
  • There’s no need to install separate phone wiring
  • Users can plug their phone anywhere in the office with  an Ethernet port
  • VoIP allows roaming capabilities since calls can be diverted to anywhere in the world using a SIP protocol
  • A scalable system, unbounded by vendor specific solutions
  • Better reporting capabilities
  • Reduced communication cost, leveraging your existing network infrastructure.

You can choose from either of these two solutions:

  • Hosted VoIP Phone Systems
  • On-Premise VoIP Phone Systems

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