Cloud Services

Traditional servers are expensive to begin with, and to expand them is another huge investment in itself. Plus, they also come with a lot of limitations in terms of collaboration especially for users in remote locations outside the office.

There’s a better solution to this. Cloud Computing.

ParadigmCR’s Cloud Services aim to reduce cost, promote simplicity, enhance scalability, and assure security.

Whether you’re a small business or an established enterprise, cloud computing will help you in:

  • Accessing files from any location
  • Accessing files whether you’re online or offline
  • Quick and easy file sharing between offices and business partners
  • Safe data backup in the cloud
  • Easy data storage for control and visibility

Cloud Computing for Businesses

On-Demand Storage and Accessibility

For any organization, work files are valuable assets that need to be readily available. But at the same time, they also have to be safely guarded. ParadigmCR’s Cloud Services acts like an online hard drive that’s secured with continuous file backup while still providing easy file sharing and quick mobile access.


  • Ease of use – Quick installation and implementation even without IT assistance
  • Accessibility – Whether through computers or mobile devices
  • Collaboration via Shared Folders – With remote co-workers or business partners
  • Lower Costs – Compared to traditional servers
  • Security – Your data is secured thanks to user access permissions, audit reports and encryption